Our Story

Our journey has taken us to Iowa City, Stillwater, San Diego, Tulsa, and now back to our hometown, Dubuque. Our design roots were carefully nurtured by Tulsa’s premier architecture firm, Selser Schaefer Architects. We worked together with that firm for 13 years, 3 of which included a successful branch office in Dubuque. Selser Schaefer Architects allowed us to grow and thrive and then encouraged our entrepreneurial dream - to start our own firm. Thus, 563 Design was born.

We have gleaned much from our travels, our employers, and our clients. Our hearts are grateful to have had incredible mentors, family support, and amazing clients. We look forward to each and every day that we can further serve the Dubuque community.

A good day is filled with flourishing ideas, progress toward impact, and learning something new.
We are intentional in making every day a good day.


Design & Business Philosophy

When we are successful it is  because we've made our clients successful.

How do we measure success?
-   Everyone involved enjoys the design process
-   Design solutions are inspired, functional and create a unique sense of place
-   We build relationships between people, among groups, and within elements of the built environment.
      In each project, relationships of all types must work together to bring a positive result. 
-   Our clients come back to us for more projects and refer us whenever they can

563 Design was formed out of a passion for architecture and for the chance to create something new every day.
We can work with you to create commercial or residential projects; from pre-design to documentation to move-in day. Bring us your dreams and allow us to get to know you, your goals, your business, your vision. Together, we can create something that excites us all.



Andrew McCready - Architect 

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I decided I wanted to be an architect in 5th grade. So I figured, why not follow through?
— Andrew
Emily McCready - Opportunity Specialist

Emily McCready - Opportunity Specialist

Design is our life. In fact, we’ve even carefully designed our lives. Bringing our time and talents back to Dubuque was no accident. It’s our purpose.
— Emily

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Commitment to Our Community

Photo by Jim Winter 

A portion of the proceeds of our work together will go back to local non-profits.
We are proud to support the Dubuque community in every project we design.

Together we can create long-lasting, beautiful impact.