Historic Bradley House = 563 Design’s Home

As of November 1, 2018 563 Design’s new home is The Historic Bradley House at 1268 Locust Street. This restored Italianate mansion was owned and built in 1872 by William L. Bradley, designed by renowned architect, Fredolin Herr. The Bradley House stayed in the Bradley family for several decades, eventually became a boarding house, then an antique shop, and now after an extensive restoration…is home the McCready family and 563 Design.

As we approach our 2nd year in business as 563 Design, we are more inspired than ever in our restored Victorian space. The mixture of old and new materials, large and small details, and Italianate architecture meets modern furnishings has us refreshed with new ideas and fresh energy.

We look forward to serving our clients and the community through this restored space!

BEFORE & AFTER our restoration at 1268 Locust Street.

BEFORE & AFTER our restoration at 1268 Locust Street.