Selser Schaefer Architects Dubuque transitions to 563 Design


DUBUQUE, Iowa. (January 30, 2017) – Selser Schaefer Architects’ branch office in Dubuque, under the direct leadership of Andrew and Emily McCready, will transition to 563 Design, PLLC.

“Our entrepreneurial dreams are becoming reality! When we relocated from Tulsa to Dubuque in 2013, Selser Schaefer Architects came along with us to form the firm’s first and only branch office. Our partnership has been incredible; we have built a strong and successful Dubuque business together. Now it is time to emerge into the business of architecture on our own as 563 Design,” said Emily McCready.

The McCreadys' new business will remain in the same location on 240 West 2nd Street and continue working with their Dubuque area clients. “Opening the Dubuque office was a proud day for us,” said Janet Selser, president of Selser Schaefer Architects. “As an entrepreneur myself, to watch Andrew and Emily take on this opportunity and bring it to this level of success has been outstanding. Separating our business ties will be a sad day for the Selser Schaefer Architects family, but we are all in full support of 563 Design and couldn’t have imagined a better outcome of our collaboration.”

“We are so excited to build a brand all our own,” said McCready. “We are ready to be business owners and to deepen our investment in the Dubuque community. That’s why we chose the name, 563 Design. Our name puts into perspective our roots, our inspiration, and our passion.”